Brattonsound SB2 2 Gun Cabinet 2 locks – (Break)
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Brattonsound SB2 2 Gun Cabinet 2 locks – (Break)

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  • Complies with new firearms regulations in Ireland
  • Strong 2mm Thick Fully Welded Steel Construction
  • Full Length Anti-Jemmy Bar
  • Recessed door
  • Tested to BS 7558/92
  • Recommended by the UK Police and MOD
  • High Density foam divider & floor mat
  • Suitable for floor or wall fixing (bolts not included)
  • Can be upgraded to allow left hand opening if required
  • Burglary Test: BS7558/92
  • Gun Safe
  • Key lock
  • Storage for 2 guns
  • Suitable for floor fixing
  • Suitable for wall fixing
  • External Dimensions: 839 x 268 x 244mm (HxWxD)
  • Internal Dimensions: 835 x 264 x 209mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 19kg
  • Volume: 46L
Product reference code: 849
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Brattonsound Shotgun & Rifle safe Range
Model External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Volume Weight Price
SS7+ 1515 x 407 x 271mm (HxWxD) 1511 x 403 x 267mm (HxWxD) 162L 44kg 509.00
SS9+ 1515 x 407 x 346mm (HxWxD) 1511 x 403 x 342mm (HxWxD) 208L 54kg 569.00
ST3 1308 x 216 x 204mm (HxWxD) 1304 x 212 x 200mm (HxWxD) 55L 25kg 179.00
ST5 1308 x 268 x 244mm (HxWxD) 1304 x 264 x 209mm (HxWxD) 71L 29kg 329.00
ST7+ 1308 x 407 x 271mm (HxWxD) 1304 x 403 x 211mm (HxWxD) 110L 40kg 489.00
SB2 839 x 268 x 244mm (HxWxD) 835 x 264 x 209mm (HxWxD) 46L 19kg 199.00
ST9+ 1308 x 407 x 346mm (HxWxD) 1304 x 403 x 286mm (HxWxD) 150L 46kg 529.00
SC2 916 x 407 x 320mm (HxWxD) 912 x 403 x 316mm (HxWxD) 116L 28kg 209.00
SL5+ 1515 x 268 x 271mm (HxWxD) 1304 x 264 x 211mm (HxWxD) 72L 38kg 389.00
SL7+ 1515 x 407 x 271mm (HxWxD) 1304 x 403 x 211mm (HxWxD) 110L 54kg 549.00
SL9+ 1515 x 407 x 346mm (HxWxD) 1304 x 403 x 286mm (HxWxD) 150L 54kg 619.00
SS5+ 1515 x 268 x 271mm (HxWxD) 1511 x 264 x 267mm (HxWxD) 106L 38kg 369.00

The Sentinel range from Brattonsound feature a very strong 2mm thick steel body. The door of every cabinet comes fitted with an anti-jemmy bar to see off even the most determined of burglars. 7 lever locking mechanisms are standard across the range, while full height models feature additional door reinforcement.

Inside, every Brattonsound Sentinel comes fitted with a foam floor mat and/or divider. Anchor holes in the rear and base allow the cabinet to be fixed to a wall or floor for increased security.

Sentinel Plus models feature a vault style door with large locking bolts. SL models feature a lockable internal compartment, ideal for storing ammo.

Tested to the UK’s BS 7558/92 standard, Brattonsound gun cabinets comply with new firearms regulations in Ireland.

(Sentinel S models are not recommended for use with scoped rifles. While several models are deep enough to accommodate such rifles, the foam divider which supports and protects the weapons is not wide enough to comfortably fit a scope. If you require a cabinet suitable for rifles with scopes, please consider the Sentinel R range).

Please note internal dimensions given are estimated based on the thickness of the sheet metal used and indicate the space available for weapons to be stored. In units with shelving or lockable top compartments, the internal height given is measured from the floor of the unit to the bottom of the shelf/lockable top compartment.



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