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Time Lock Installation Service

Fitting a time lock to your safe greatly increases the level of security it provides. Once a safe fitted with a time lock has been closed and locked, it cannot be opened again until the decided time has elapsed, even if the correct key or combination is entered.

Time locks are particularly effective at deterring hold-ups, as staff can’t be coerced into opening the safe and a burglar can seldom afford to wait around until the time lock deactivates.

We provide a full time lock installation service. We can fit a time lock to almost any kind of safe, new or used, from basic home safes to high security, commercial models.

There are currently two main types of time lock on the market, mechanical time locks and electronic time locks. Most safes will accommodate either type.

Electronic Time Locks

Electronic time locks are increasingly common, easy to use and very sophisticated. Unlike mechanical locks, which have to be set every day, an electronic lock only needs to be programmed once. Electronic time locks allow you to precisely decide the amount of time for which the safe is to remain locked. Most models also feature basic PIN code unlocking.

More advanced models might feature:

  • Time Windows: These allow you to choose specific times and dates when the safe can and cannot be opened. Ideal for businesses that only operate 5 days a week and do not need to open their safes at weekends.
  • Time Delay: Seals the safe for a predetermined amount of time if a certain number of incorrect codes are entered.
  • Audit Trail: An electronic record of when the safe was opened and/or what PIN was used.
  • Duress Code: Many electronic time locks can be fitted to an external alarm, allowing staff to use a duress code to signal for help in the event of a hold up.

Mechanical Time Locks

Mechanical time locks are simple but effective. They use a clockwork dial which is wound to select the number of hours for which the safe is to remain sealed. Once the safe is locked, this dial begins to count down.

Most mechanical locks are “two movement” locks, which means they feature twin countdown dials. Should one fail, the other will continue to operate, so the safe will still open as it should. “Three movement” time locks feature three dials for increased peace of mind and redundancy.

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