Armorgard FlamBank FB1 Hazardous Van Box
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Armorgard FlamBank FB1 Hazardous Van Box

700.00 excl VAT

  • Keyed alike 5-lever deadlocks
  • Robust steel plate construction
  • Fully welded security ID numbers
  • Strong gas struts and safety catch
  • Flame arrester gauze fitted on all ventilation
  • Powder coated finish for maximum durability
  • High & low level ventilation to prevent fumes build-up
  • Fully welded and tested sump base to prevent leakage
  • Bright red paint finish with high visibility hazard warning signs
  • Sump capacity: 60 litres
  • Fire Rating for Paper: 30 mins
  • Fire Rating (Data): 30 mins
  • Key lock
  • Colour: Red
  • Made from Steel
  • External Dimensions: 485 x 995 x 540mm (HxWxD)
  • Internal Dimensions: 470 x 840 x 400mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 46kg
  • Volume: 158L
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Download Brochure

Product reference code: 2383
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Armorgard Flambank Range
Model External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Volume Weight Price
FB1 485 x 995 x 540mm (HxWxD) 470 x 840 x 400mm (HxWxD) 157L 46kg 700.00
FB2 675 x 1295 x 630mm (HxWxD) 575 x 1140 x 610mm (HxWxD) 399L 82kg 1,055.00
FB21 675 x 780 x 630mm (HxWxD) 575 x 625 x 630mm (HxWxD) 226L 64kg 940.00
FBC2 1280 x 780 x 630mm (HxWxD) 1185 x 625 x 575mm (HxWxD) 425L 107kg 1,480.00
FBC4 1280 x 1280 x 630mm (HxWxD) 1185 x 1130 x 550mm (HxWxD) 736L 153kg 1,750.00
FBC5 1280 x 1600 x 630mm (HxWxD) 1185 x 1450 x 550mm (HxWxD) 945L 174kg 2,335.00
FBC8 1230 x 2375 x 985mm (HxWxD) 1125 x 2285 x 985mm (HxWxD) 2532L 334kg 5,055.00

Keep Your Hazardous Chemicals & Flammables Safe with Armorgard Flambank: Compliant and Secure Storage Solution

Protect your chemicals and flammables with the Armorgard Flambank, a storage box that fully adheres to safety regulations. Designed to meet COSHH standards and built with the same quality as the esteemed TuffBank, Flambank ensures the secure and compliant storage of hazardous substances. Rest easy knowing your materials are safely protected around the clock.


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