Robur Eurograde VI 1500CD Fire and Security Safe
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Robur Eurograde VI 1500CD Fire and Security Safe

14,699.00 excl VAT

  • Provide extremely high security
  • Resistant to explosive attack
  • Core drill resistant
  • Dual Class C key locks
  • Wide range of optional fittings
  • Independently tested and certified
  • Fire protection for documents (excludes 1800)
  • Core Drill resistance on CD models
  • Burglary Test: EN1143-1 Grade VI
  • Approved by the AiS
  • High Security Safe
  • Eurograde VI
  • Overnight Insurance Cash Cover: €220,000
  • ECBS approved/certified
  • Valuables Insurance Rating: €2,200,000
  • Free Standing
  • Fire Rating for Paper: 60 mins
  • Key lock
  • Suitable for floor fixing
  • Includes fixing bolts
  • 3 shelves
  • Fire Test: NT FIRE 017-60 Paper
  • External Dimensions: 1860 x 760 x 770mm (HxWxD)
  • Internal Dimensions: 1500 x 500 x 400mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 2200kg
  • Volume: 300L

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Robur Eurograde VI Range
Model External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Volume Weight Price
900CD 1260 x 760 x 770mm (HxWxD) 900 x 500 x 400mm (HxWxD) 180L 1500kg 11,999.00
900 1260 x 760 x 770mm (HxWxD) 900 x 500 x 400mm (HxWxD) 180L 1500kg 11,199.00
1800-3 2180 x 1310 x 910mm (HxWxD) 1820 x 1050 x 540mm (HxWxD) 1031L 4400kg 24,199.00
1800-3 CD 2180 x 1310 x 910mm (HxWxD) 1820 x 1050 x 540mm (HxWxD) 1031L 4400kg 28,199.00
1800-2 2180 x 990 x 910mm (HxWxD) 1820 x 730 x 540mm (HxWxD) 717L 3500kg 19,199.00

Incredibly strong and incredibly secure, Robur Grade VI Safes are designed in Sweden and have been tested to stringent European burglar resistance standards by the renowned SBSC testing lab. Rated Grade VI under the EN 1143-1 test, these safes provide protection for up to €220,000 in cash and up to €2.2 million in valuables. Large rectangular locking bolts secure the door once locked.

In addition to typical burglar resistance test which use tools such as hammers and blowtorches, these safes have also been tested for their ability to resist attacks using explosives. They are fully certified to the EX standard EN 1143-1.

Models 900 to 1500 provide an impressive 60 minutes of protection for papers and documents and have been subjected to the NT FIRE 017 fire resistance test. Strong barrier materials in the door and walls of the safe help fend off both burglars and heat.

The door lock system features a uniquely designed turn wheel modelled on the Robur logo. Dual changeable key locks are fitted as standard to all models. An easy grip handle removes the strain of opening the door. A Class C digital lock upgrade is available by special request. Also available is the Kaba Axessor Audit Trail digital lock. This highly secure high end electronic lock comes as an additional add-on. Retrofit is also available. Please call us today to find out more about this product.

Safe breakers will often use special drills in an attempt to breach a safe. Robur Safes with a CD designation provide special protection against such attack. It is highly unlikely a potential thief could drill his way through such a safe before being discovered.

A large range of internal fittings are available for each model, ranging from lockable internal compartments to filing frames for A4 documents. Ideal for commercial use, Robur Grade VI security safes are finished in an off white powder coat paint which will suit any office environment.

Please note that certain product images are mockups designed for illustrative purposes only. Please refer to the product specifications and dimensions to gauge the size and volume of the safe.


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