ReflectR 600mm Half Face Convex Mirror
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ReflectR 600mm Half Face Convex Mirror

133.65 excl VAT

  • Made from impact resistant acrylic
  • Provides 180 vision
  • Metallised coating provides clear reflection
  • Easily fixed to walls
  • Ideal at T-junctions
  • Helps prevent accidents, injuries and collisions
  • Suitable for wall fixing
  • External Dimensions: 300 x 600 x 240mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 3kg
Product reference code: 2924
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Reflect-R Half Face Mirrors Range
Model External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Volume Weight Price
600mm 300 x 600 x 240mm (HxWxD) 0 x 0 x 0mm (HxWxD) - 3kg 133.65

Easy to install, this half-face 180° convex mirror can help prevent accidental collisions in busy corridors with heavy pedestrian traffic or in warehouses and industrial premises where machinery and personnel are constantly on the move.

Ideally installed a T-junction, each mirror is made from impact resistant acrylic, which provides durability but keeps the mirror’s weight to a minimum. The surface of the mirror is metallised to provide a bright, clear reflection. The mirror provides an observation distance of approximately 5 metres, more than enough to help avoid other pedestrians or obstructions. It can also help deter thieves and shoplifters.


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