Phoenix Fire Fighter II FS0443E Fireproof Safe

* This product has been discontinued *

  • Fire and impact tested
  • Protects against smoke damage
  • Key or electronic locking
  • Internal alarm on E models
  • Height adjustable shelf
  • Lockable internal drawer
  • Overnight Insurance Cash Cover: €2,500
  • Valuables Insurance Rating: €25,000
  • Free Standing
  • Fire Rating for Paper: 120 mins
  • Electronic lock
  • Suitable for floor fixing
  • 1 shelf
  • 1 drawer
  • Fire Test: NT FIRE 017-120 Paper
  • External Dimensions: 1065 x 655 x 560mm (HxWxD)
  • Internal Dimensions: 880 x 475 x 350mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 218kg
  • Volume: 146L

Ratings are approximate and vary due to local area conditions and location. Please check with your underwriter.
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Product reference code: 2317
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This product has been discontinued Some alternative products are displayed below

Phoenix Fire Fighter FS0444E Fireproof Safe with Electronic Lock


Phoenix Fire Fighter II Range
Model External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Volume Weight Price
FS0441K 640 x 500 x 500mm (HxWxD) 510 x 375 x 330mm (HxWxD) 63L 93kg 828.59
FS0442K 820 x 520 x 520mm (HxWxD) 670 x 380 x 380mm (HxWxD) 96L 120kg 1,235.76
FS0441E 640 x 500 x 500mm (HxWxD) 510 x 375 x 330mm (HxWxD) 63L 93kg 878.54
FS0441F 640 x 500 x 500mm (HxWxD) 510 x 375 x 330mm (HxWxD) 63L 93kg 1,394.96
FS0442E 820 x 520 x 520mm (HxWxD) 670 x 380 x 330mm (HxWxD) 84L 120kg 1,177.33
FS0442F 820 x 520 x 520mm (HxWxD) 670 x 380 x 330mm (HxWxD) 84L 120kg 1,560.97
FS0443F 1065 x 655 x 560mm (HxWxD) 880 x 475 x 350mm (HxWxD) 146L 218kg 2,149.53

The Fire Fighter II from Phoenix has been tested for fire resistance to the stringent NT FIRE 017 standard. It provides a certified 90 minutes (FS0441 and FS0442) or 120 minutes (FS0443) protection for paper.

Fire protection (Digital media) – Tested to MTC – DIP120 – 60DM fire test standard, providing 60 minutes fire protection for digital media, DVD’s, USB’s, memory sticks and hard drives.

Drop test – Fire and impact tested from 9.1 metres for resistance to the impact of falling through the burning floors of a building.

Ideal for small to medium sized businesses, the Fire Fighter II provides plenty of storage space for important documents. K models are fitted with a key lock, while E models feature an electronic lock to deter burglars.  Slam action locking means the safe can be secured quickly in case of emergency. F models are fitted with an advanced high security touchscreen keypad and fingerprint lock with clear LED display, internal alarm, dual control, hidden code and scrambled code that can be programmed as standard with up to 128 fingerprints.

The Fire Fighter II is constructed from strong galvanised steel. The interior features adjustable shelving and a drawer, allowing great flexibility for all your storage needs. 

The internal drawer reduces the internal height by 95mm.


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