Phoenix Diamond HS1091KD Deposit Safe
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Phoenix Diamond HS1091KD Deposit Safe

2,203.24 excl VAT

  • Highly secure deposit safe
  • Double bitted VdS Class 1 Key Lock
  • Double wall construction
  • Anti-drill plates and re-locker protection
  • K models feature VdS Class 1 key lock
  • E models fitted with VdS Class 1 electronic lock
  • Ready prepared for floor fixing (bolts supplied)
  • Finished in a high quality, scratch resistant paint
  • 615mm Door swing
  • 45mm Handle depth
  • Deposit Drawer: 104x517x124mm (HxWxD)
  • Burglary Test: EN1143-2D Grade I
  • Approved by the AiS
  • Overnight Insurance Cash Cover: €15,000
  • Secured by Design Approved
  • Valuables Insurance Rating: €150,000
  • Free Standing
  • Key lock
  • Suitable for floor fixing
  • Includes fixing bolts
  • 1 drawer
  • Colour: White
  • Made from Steel
  • Deposit type: Drawer
  • External Dimensions: 670 x 650 x 550mm (HxWxD)
  • Internal Dimensions: 455 x 573 x 423mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 264kg
  • Volume: 110L

Ratings are approximate and vary due to local area conditions and location. Please check with your underwriter.
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Product reference code: 4202
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Phoenix Diamond Deposit Range
Model External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Volume Weight Price
HS1090ED 670 x 440 x 550mm (HxWxD) 455 x 365 x 425mm (HxWxD) 70L 195kg 2,466.32
HS1090KD 670 x 440 x 550mm (HxWxD) 455 x 365 x 425mm (HxWxD) 70L 195kg 2,549.65
HS1091ED 670 x 650 x 550mm (HxWxD) 435 x 573 x 423mm (HxWxD) 105L 264kg 2,659.62
HS1091KD 670 x 650 x 550mm (HxWxD) 455 x 573 x 423mm (HxWxD) 110L 264kg 2,203.24


The Phoenix Diamond Deposit Series is designed for the secure depositing of large quantities of cash, without compromising the security protection of the safe. The Diamond Deposit series is available in 4 sizes with 2 different locking options for the range – keylocking and electronic. The Phoenix Diamond Deposit Series is ideal for retail stores, garage forecourts, banks and financial institutions. The Diamond Deposit series boasts a range of great features. It is tested to the prestigious European EN1143-2:2014 security standard, Grade D1, giving cash cover of up to €15,000 or valuables cover of €150,000. Furthermore, the range is covered by the Secured by Design scheme and is AiS(Association of Insurance Surveyors) secured.

All models in this range boast a deposit drawer, secured by multiple locking bolts and locked with a high security double bitted VdS class 1 key lock. The safe itself offers double wall composite construction, anti-drill plates and re-locker protection for the door, providing the utmost strength and security. The Diamond Deposit range is also suitable for the storage of controlled drugs whose active ingredients exceed 500 grams.

The keylocking range of Phoenix Diamond Deposit Safes is fitted with a high security double bitted VdS class 1 keylock, and the electronic models are fitted with a high security VdS class 1 (Secu A) electronic lock with time delay function. All models are ready prepared for floor fixing, with fixing bolts for concrete floors provided. This will provide the utmost protection for any purchaser.

For more information regarding the Phoenix Diamond Deposit range, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be glad to assist with your query.

Please note: This product is not certified by a member of EFSG or the LPCB and it is not therefore recognised by all UK/Irish insurers. As a result the rating of this safe may be downgraded. If the cash rating is important you should check with your insurer before purchasing this safe. Please note that all units within the Diamond series must be bolted down to remain certified.


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