MK Plus Cash Collection Trolley

* This product has been discontinued *

  • Ideal for large retail environments
  • Cash collection panel on top
  • Large access door at rear
  • Security for notes and coins
  • Robustly constructed
  • Reliable design for years of service
  • Ergonomic angled steer handle
  • Optional alarm and wrist strap activator (Standard/Plus models)
  • Basic Security Safe
  • Free Standing
  • Key lock
  • Made from Steel
  • Deposit type: Slot
  • External Dimensions: 910 x 430 x 650mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 27kg
Product reference code: 2978
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This product has been discontinued


MK Cash Collection Trolleys Range
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MK Cash Collection Trolleys are designed to help keep cash and coins secure when in transit from one location to another within the same building or complex. Robustly built, they provide peace of mind while allowing cash to be securely collected and transported. Large durable wheels make the trolley easy to manoeuvre, even when carrying a heavy load.

Each trolley features a top access flap where cash can be deposited. Collected cash drops into a secure cash box deep inside the body of the trolley. This can only be accessed via the rear door, which is secured by a key lock.

Three configurations are available. The Standard unit is ideal for everyday note and coin collection. The Plus features a longer wheelbase and is well-suited to heavier cash and coin loads than average. The Float unit will accommodate a similar load to the Standard but features a special dispensing section on top to allow cash floats to be distributed to staff tills.

An optional alarm system can be fitted to the Standard and Plus, and is fitted as standard to the Float. This alarm system is activated by a special wrist strap. In the event of emergency or theft, the trolley operator can activate the alarm simply by removing the activation plug from the rear of the unit. An audible alarm will sound, alerting security staff that assistance is required.

Reliable and durable, these cash collection trolleys are designed to handle heavy use in even the busiest of retail or cash handling environments.


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