KT-Cab CAB4 Key Tracking Cabinet

* This product has been discontinued *

  • Slam action push button lock
  • Self closing door
  • High security key management solution
  • Insert unlock peg to remove key
  • Unlock pegs can be engraved with ID number
  • Quickly tell who has what key
  • Space for additional peg board to double capacity
  • Access pegs, anti-tamper seals and seal cutter included
  • Basic Security Safe
  • Key Safe
  • Key lock
  • Storage for 100 keys
  • Suitable for wall fixing
  • Made from Steel
  • External Dimensions: 1070 x 730 x 280mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 50kg
Product reference code: 3379
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This product has been discontinued


KT-Cab Key Tracking Cabinet Range
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An ideal solution for car dealerships, commercial premises with confidential offices, and other situations where key control must be strictly managed, KT-Cab Key Tracking Cabinets provide not just a robust storage solution for keys but also the means to monitor who has which key.

The cabinet is fitted with a key tracking peg board. Keys are attached to special pegs in the board which cannot be removed unless a staff member inserts their access peg into the adjacent slot to release the key. The access peg is engraved with their ID so it’s always easy to tell who has taken what key from the cabinet. A single key tracking board is included as standard, with space to fit an additional board on the back of the door to double the amount of keys that can be stored within.

Built from heavy duty steel, KT-Cab Key Tracker Cabinets feature a slam action mechanical digital lock and a self-closing door. Not only does this help prevent the door being left open, it also allows it to be quickly sealed in an emergency. The door can also be locked at the top and bottom each night via separate key locks for increased pry resistance.

Pre-drilled at the back, it is recommended that these cabinets be fixed to a solid brick wall.


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