Chubbsafes Cobra Deposit Safe Size 3

* This product has been discontinued *

  • A quality deposit cash safe constructed using highly reliable materials
  • Recommended cash rating of 4,000
  • Deposit feature allows multiple users to constantly deposit cash and valuables securely whilst the main body of the safe remains locked
  • Deposit drawer secured by double bitted key lock (front-facing only)
  • Manufactured to ISO 9002 accredited quality controlled process
  • Available in three sizes
  • Overnight Insurance Cash Cover: €5,000
  • Valuables Insurance Rating: €50,000
  • Free Standing
  • Key lock
  • Suitable for floor fixing
  • Deposit type: Drawer
  • External Dimensions: 1004 x 500 x 475mm (HxWxD)
  • Internal Dimensions: 620 x 370 x 320mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 365kg
  • Volume: 73L

Ratings are approximate and vary due to local area conditions and location. Please check with your underwriter.
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Download Brochure

Product reference code: 725
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This product has been discontinued


Chubbsafes Cobra Deposit Range
Model External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Volume Weight Price

The Chubb Cobra Deposit series is available in a range of five different sizes and comes with a cash rating of £4000. The lockable drawer deposit feature allows multiple users to constantly deposit cash and valuables securely whilst the main body of the safe remains locked. The deposit drawer can be locked at night for additional security and is secured by a double bitted key lock supplied with two keys.

The safes have being tested to provide fire protection for 30 minutes.

The deposit safes are equipped with a high security double bitted key lock as standard. There are optional electronic locks available.

The entire body has an effective barrier thickness of 65mm. It is made up of an inner and outer body of steel encasing a Chubbsafes high density barrier material. The door is constructed from a 10mm steel plate with additional protection over the locking cover. Moving, 28.5 mm diameter, solid steel bolts on the front edge of the door engage securely into the safe body. Fixed bolts on the rear edge of the door locate behind a solid rebate bar and secure the rear of the door into the body of the safe. The boltwork is further protected by an anti-explosion device to ensure bolts remain firmly in place should an attack on the lock occur.

All models can be fixed to the floor or a wall (bolts included).


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