Burton Firebrand 35E

* This product has been discontinued *

  • Independently fire, explosion and impact tested to UL 72 class 350 1 hour
  • Offers up to 1 hour protection for paper at temperatures of up to 1090 C
  • Back lit LCD display for ease of use in dark cupboards
  • Battery level indicator, audit trail, anti-tamper and anti vibration alarm
  • Emergency override key and external power point in case of lock out
  • Removable shelf in models 30E & 53E
  • Jewellery tray in model 35E
  • Base fixing (bolts included)
  • Overnight Insurance Cash Cover: €2,500
  • Valuables Insurance Rating: €25,000
  • Free Standing
  • Fire Rating for Paper: 60 mins
  • Electronic lock
  • Suitable for floor fixing
  • Fitted with an alarm
  • Fire Test: UL 72 Class 350-60
  • External Dimensions: 355 x 500 x 425mm (HxWxD)
  • Internal Dimensions: 220 x 360 x 250mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 50kg
  • Volume: 20L

Ratings are approximate and vary due to local area conditions and location. Please check with your underwriter.
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Download Brochure

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This product has been discontinued


Burton Firebrand Range
Model External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Volume Weight Price
53E 530 x 460 x 510mm (HxWxD) 390 x 320 x 210mm (HxWxD) 26L 90kg 429.00

Designed for home use and provides both security and fire protection.

The safes are secured by an electronic combination lock powered by 4 x AA batteries (included). The lock can be programmed with the users own personal code. A battery level indicator, an emergency power point and an emergency key help to avoid lockouts though low battery or lost codes.

The Firebrand 53E safe has a dual key and electronic lock for added security. It also has an auto locking devise.

Additional security is provided by an anti-tamper and anti-vibration alarm on the keypad.

Removable shelf in models 30E & 53E
Jewellery tray in model 35E


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