Armorgard DrumCage DRC4

  • Robust build quality
  • Made of strong steel
  • Powder coated, galvanised steel
  • Hasp and staple lock mechanism
  • 2.5mm material thickness
  • Complies to all regulations
  • Forklift pockets
  • The door is fitted with a hasp and staple catch to allow the unit to be secured
  • Strong grated floor allows for heavy items to be stored
  • Extremely durable thanks to the galvanised steel
  • Removable shelf has a 120kg safe working load capacity
  • Nut and bolt construction means the unit can be deconstructed
  • Easy access for all types and sizes of drums
  • Offers up to 30 minutes fire resistance
  • Sump capacity: 290 litres
  • Made from Steel
  • External Dimensions: 2080 x 1215 x 1265mm (HxWxD)
  • Internal Dimensions: 1800 x 1150 x 1200mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 215kg
  • Volume: 2484L
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Product reference code: 4687
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Armorgard DRC4 Range
Model External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Volume Weight Price
DRC4 2080 x 1215 x 1265mm (HxWxD) 1800 x 1150 x 1200mm (HxWxD) 2484L 215kg Call for Price

The Armorgard DrumCage DRC4 is a storage unit with a robust construction thanks to the galvanised steel and a solid hasp and staple lock mechanism suitable for storing a multitude of hazardous substances, including gas, liquids, and solids. This extremely durable storage unit offers up to 30 minutes of fire resistance.

The DrumCage features a removable shelf, fort lift pockets for easy transportation when it is empty, sturdy base for heavy items and a simple construction allows the unit to be deconstructed and flat packed.


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