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Phoenix Fire Ranger FS1512E Fireproof Safe

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Our Price - €1,368.00  ex VAT
FREE Ground Floor Delivery & Position in Ireland 


  • Fire and security cabinet
  • 3 way locking bolts
  • Key or electronic lock available
  • Suspension file cradle under each shelf
  • Dual-locking codes on electronic model
  • Adjustable shelving


  • Double Door Cabinet
  • Overnight Insurance Cash Cover: €2,000
  • Valuables Insurance Rating: €20,000
  • Fire Rating for Paper: 30 mins
  • Electronic lock
  • 2 shelves
  • External Dimensions: 1225 x 930 x 520mm (HxWxD)
  • Internal Dimensions: 1080 x 815 x 410mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 106kg
  • Volume: 361L

Ratings are approximate and vary due to local area conditions and location. Please check with your underwriter.

Product reference code: 2564
Phoenix Fire Ranger FS1512E Fireproof Safe


Phoenix Fire Ranger FS1512E
ex VAT

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Additional Option(s)
Fingerprint Lock€219.00
Mixed Media Data Chest DPI03 Series€455.00
Upgrade to Secu A Lock with Time Delay€279.00
Upgrade to Secu B Lock with Audit Trail€479.00
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Phoenix Fire Ranger Range

Model External DimensionsInternal DimensionsVolume WeightShelvesPrice
FS1511K1225 x 600 x 520mm (HxWxD)1080 x 505 x 410mm (HxWxD)224L77kg2€970.00
FS1512K1225 x 930 x 520mm (HxWxD)1080 x 815 x 410mm (HxWxD)361L106kg2€1,256.00
FS1513K1950 x 930 x 520mm (HxWxD)1810 x 815 x 410mm (HxWxD)605L152kg4€1,575.00
FS1514K1950 x 1250 x 520mm (HxWxD)1810 x 1135 x 410mm (HxWxD)842L194kg4€2,499.00
FS1511E1220 x 600 x 520mm (HxWxD)1082 x 506 x 415mm (HxWxD)227L71kg2€1,095.00
FS1512E1225 x 930 x 520mm (HxWxD)1080 x 815 x 410mm (HxWxD)361L106kg2€1,368.00
FS1513E1950 x 930 x 520mm (HxWxD)1810 x 815 x 410mm (HxWxD)605L152kg4€1,672.00
FS1514E1950 x 1250 x 520mm (HxWxD)1810 x 1134 x 410mm (HxWxD)842L194kg4€2,659.00
FS1511F1225 x 600 x 520mm (HxWxD)1080 x 505 x 410mm (HxWxD)224L77kg2€1,260.00
FS1512F1225 x 930 x 520mm (HxWxD)1080 x 815 x 410mm (HxWxD)361L106kg2€1,544.00
FS1513F1950 x 930 x 520mm (HxWxD)1810 x 815 x 410mm (HxWxD)605L152kg4€1,850.00
FS1514F1950 x 1250 x 520mm (HxWxD)1810 x 1134 x 415mm (HxWxD)852L200kg4€2,600.00


The perfect storage solution for office documents, the Phoenix Fire Ranger offers up to 30 minutes of fire protection for paper records at 500 degrees.  A versatile cabinet, it offers built-in suspension file cradles under each shelf. Binders, hanging files and other types of document holders are easily accommodated (file folders are not included).

For security, the cabinet door is secured by 3 way boltwork. A high security Vds class I key lock is supplied with two keys, while E models feature an easy to use electronic lock. The electronic lock features dual control as well as hidden and scrambled codes for enhanced protection. The dual control feature means the safe may only be opened by the entry of 2 codes, allowing the highest quality of security. F models feature an advanced high security touchscreen keypad and fingerprint lock with clear LED display, internal alarm, dual control, hidden code and scrambled code. F models can be programmed as standard with up to 128 fingerprints.

Available in four sizes, each of which offer generous amounts of filing space, the Phoenix Fire Ranger is ideal for offices big and small.

Add 50mm to external depth for hinges and handle.